About Us

Jon and Norma Sather, Owners

Jon and Norma Sather live in Washington State and raise Apples in Lake Chelan.Their second love is Winfield Farms in Marietta, Oklahoma. Being married for 58 years, they have three beautiful daughters and have been blessed with eight grandchildren.

They have been in the "horse business" for 30+ years and bought their first Quarter Horse from Marie Munroe. That horse was Printa Page and came from running blood lines. From there, they went to working horses and bred to Major Bonanza. Jon studied blood lines and tried to (as everyone does),to try and find the right one for each mare. Out of that, they got Lean With Me and other horses of exceptional talent.

They have enjoyed being able to see their horses compete with some great riders. Working with great trainers such as Bob Avila, Todd Bergan, Todd Crawford and others, they have turned out to be friends and along with the many great people they have met.

After many years of having horses in Washington, thanks to their daughter Cathy who watched, fed and foaled out all of them, they decided to buy the ranch in Oklahoma.

All of their horses moved to Marietta and Winfield Farms. After a few years of ups and downs, it got harder for them to be excited about the "business". The love of horses did not go away but, the every day things became harder. Along came Abby and Jeff Mixon and as trainer and manager, of Winfield Farms, they have made it FUN again.With the staff of Kyle and Brooke, Winfield is a great place for horses, people, including Jon and Norma! Adding the Longhorns has been a interesting adventure, they are the most beautiful "pasture decorations" in the world!

Jon and Norma invite you to come by and see them. Be sure to check out the great foals by Julgun and their other great stallions. If you are lucky you may see a newborn calf. Longhorn babies are the cutest offspring of all! 





















Jeff Mixon, Ranch Manager

Jeff began working at Winfield Farms in 2008, with his wife, Abby. His experience with horses, welding, mechanics and building have made him an invaluable asset to Winfield Farms.